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ARM® Cortex™-A17 Based Fanless Mini Digital Signage Player


Rockchip RK3288 32-bit Quad Core ARM® Cortex™-A17 @1.8GHz

2GB DDR3 memory

8GB eMMC, 1x Micro SD Cage for storage

1x HDMI2.0 (4K support) for video output

1x GbE LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for network connection

3x USB2.0, 1x USB OTG for peripheral connection

Ultra-mini size

Android based media player

Content Management System available


Alternative to Conventional Out-Of-Home Advertising

DSP-8200, an ARM® Cortex®-A17 and Android™ based fanless mini digital signage player, is the state-of-the-art synergistic alternative to all the conventional billboards, prints, and audio-visual advertisement playback combined, while offering large-size display surface, multimedia audio-visual playback, digital marquee-texting and real-time push-messaging, as well as supporting touch-screen functionality, enabling advanced interactive advertisement (as software option).

Flexible Content Editing

DSP-8200 offers customized ad layout, flexible programming and “ad-flash” functionalities for real-time, flexi-content and max-trending ad effect.

Easy-to-use and Budget-friendly

DSP-8200 is easy to use, and allows your ad content to be designed and managed according to your communication needs, whilst bringing saving in ad budget, as well as optimizing communication effectiveness.

Possible to Remotely Manage

DSP-8200, with built-in LAN and wireless LAN networking functionalities, can easily achieve real-time content uplink, effective (single/group) terminal management, perfect for retail outlets, government and education institutions, exhibitions, conferences, hospitals, transportation terminals, etc., where surgical and on-demand mass communication is most commercially effective.


DSP-8200 Datasheet


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