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Profile Milestone


  • 1997:  Company started up by selling computer and electronic products, satellite equipments.
  • 1998:  Selling blank optical media, pc camera, networking, barebone systems & GPS devices.
  • 2001:  Start Industrial PC business.
  • 2002:  Start providing IPO services (International Procurement Office) to long term customers.
  • 2003:  Enter into voting machine business for US maket.  Selling optical drives to North America (Digital talking book project for visually impaired people).
  • 2004:  Start selling portable devices which include handheld terminal, webpad, tablet PCs.
  • 2005:  Design the 1st voting machine with ID recognition features 
  • 2008:  Shipping voting systems to Central/South America
  • 2009:  Medical PC launching to market.
  • 2013:  Adding RFID, home automation, home security and green energy product line
  • 2015:  Rugged 4G smart phone and Bluetooth Finger print reader launch to the market.
  • 2018:  4G Networking devices for enterprise or home users



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