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Poseidon 150/190

15"/19" Self Service Kiosk


● Various peripheral options for multi-application deployment
● Heavy duty design for continuous use in unsupervised area
● Modular design reduce total cost of ownership
● Compact and flexible mounting solution: Desktop, standalone and wall mount


● Photo Kiosk in Convenient Store / Supermarket
● Information Kiosk in Mall / Department Store / Hospital
● Retail Kiosk in Supermarket / Mall / Convenient Store
● Price Check / Membership in Supermarket / Discount Store
● Ticketing Kiosk in Movie Theater / Golf Club


Processor System CPU(Socket LGA1155) Intel i7-7700 Intel i5-7500 Intel I3-7101TE Intel Pentium G4400TE
Frequency 3.6GHz 3.4GHz 3.9GHz 2.9GHz
2.9GHz 2.7GHz
Cache 8M 6M 4M 3M
Main Board AIMB 275
System Chipset Intel®  Q170/H110
BIOS AMI 128-Mbit SPI Flash BIOS
Memory Technology DDR4 2133 MHz
Max. Capacity 32 GB
Socket 2 x 260-pin SO-DIMM
Internal Display Panel Size 15.0"
15" Resolution 1024x768
  Viewing Angle Horizontal : 80 / Vertical : 70 degree
(LED Backlight) Brightness 250 cd/m2
  Color Support 16194277/262144 Color
  Contrast Ratio 700
  Response Time 16ms (Rising : 5 ms / Falling : 11 ms)
Internal Display Panel Size 19.0"
19" Resolution 1280x1024
(LED Backlight) Viewing Angle Horizontal : 85 / Vertical : 80 degree
  Brightness 350 cd/m2
  Color Support 16.7M
  Contrast Ratio 1000
  Response Time 5 ms (Rising : 3.6 ms / Falling : 1.4 ms)
External Digital Display 1920 x 1200, Max. data rate up to 1.65 Gb/s
Display CRT Max. resolution up to 2048x1536 true color
Touchscreen 15" Touchscreen Type 5 Wire Resistive
Surface Hardness 3H Pencil ,Pressure 750g/45°
Durability 10000000 times
Transparency 80% (±3%)
Touchscreen 19" Touchscreen Type 5 Wire Resistive
Surface Hardness 3H Pencil ,Pressure 1N/45°
Durability 35000000 times 
Transparency 80% (±5%)
I/O Interface USB USB 3.0 x 4
Serial Port COM 1 : RS-232
Ethernet Speed 10/100/1000 Mbps
Controller LAN1: Intel i219LM; LAN2: Intel i211AT
Connector RJ45 x 2
Audio   Internal : Speaker 8Ω/3W x2 ;  External : Speaker out , Mic in, Line in
Storage HDD Supports one 2.5” SATA HDD
DVD Supports one 5.25" DVD
MSR (Optional) MSR220HK Reference Standards : ISO 7810 ,7811
Recording Method : Two-frequency coherent phase(F2F)
Decoding Method : ISO : Ttack1-IATA , Track2-ABA , Track3-THRIFT
Card Swiping Direction : Bi-Direction
Magtek Reference Standards : ISO 7810 ,7811
99875375 Maximun length : Track1=50/Track2=25/Track3=70 Characters
Recording Method : Two-frequency coherent phase(F2F)
  Half Card USB Insertion Reader
Card Reader (Optional) YD-8V74 5.25" Media Card reader
Read Only
Scanner (Optional) Honeywell N3680 CCD-2D   CMOS sensor with 640 x 480 pixel resolution
Printer (Optional) NP-K3052D 3" (80mm)
Auto Loading function
Paper near-end detection
NP-K204 2"
Auto Loading function
Paper near-end detection
Keyboard (Optional) SPC288BG Standard QWERTY layout
Integrated stainless steel trackball (25mm in dia,Left /right click buttons)
Fn Assemble keys to make the functional of F1-F12 without increase keys
Qwerty keyboard, total keys: 68 (including two selection keys)
Protection level: IP65 static / IP54 dynamic
Power Power Type ATX 1U 180W  
Power Input AC 100~240V @50~60Hz
Battery Lithium 3 V / 220 mAH

Peripheral & Storage Device

Touchscreen 15"/19" Resistive type
Drive Bay 2.5" HDD SATA interface
Optional Device 2"/3" Thermal receipt printer
Barcode scanner
Motion sensor
IC/Magnetic card reader (insert type)
Metal keyboard & track pad
Wireless LAN

Mechanical & Environmental

Construction Enclosure: heavy-duty steel
Kiosk design customizable

Order Information

POSEIDON P Standalone pole mount Kiosk combinable in 3 parts
POSEIDON PK Standalone Kiosk with metal keyboard bracket combinable in 4 parts
POSEIDON T Wall mount Kiosk with base cover x 1 & wall mount bracket x 1
POSEIDON M Wall mount Kiosk with wall mount bracket x 2
POSEIDON K Desktop Kiosk with metal keyboard bracket x 1



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